School Information



Children should attend all classes and let us know if they can not attend, preferably 24 in advance.  

Correct uniform should be worn to all classes and purchased through the school or with our guidance. Hair should be neat and tidy, ideally in a bun.


Fees are due on the first Saturday of each half term and this date is on your bill along with the start of each term date. A full half terms notice in writing is required should you decide to stop one or all of your classes. This notice period is stated on your envelope and each time you pay your fees you are accepting these terms. 
We reserve the right to change class times. Times rarely change by more than half to one hour and we take into account difficulties pupils may have attending at certain times.  Change of timetable is not an acceptable reason to leave without notice if we have not been advised of time issues.  There are often ways to help so please let us know.  Steps may be taken to recover notice fees not paid. 
Refunds are not given unless we have been forced to cancel a class and it is not made up. 

Children should not study any form of dance offered at Sholen at another school or organisation.  Should you wish to add a further dance style or theatre study please speak to us in advance to ensure there is no conflict in training styles.

Children should be collected from inside the building and no child should open the security door without an adults permission.  Please do not pull up and blow your horn - we teach in a residential area!

Queries from current pupils in connection with their training should be made to Mrs Robertson.